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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Salamander Update - WIP Sternguard

As part of my desire to get my first demi-squad of Sternguard completed, I spent this week making slow progress on the fourth member of the squad.  The sad part is, that the legs and torso were already painted when I started. Delving into my small collection of 'Heresy-era' resin armour pieces, I cleaned up and painted the arms before attaching them to the already painted torso.  In keeping with my idea for the design of the squad, I've armed the fellow with a combi-plasma.

While my level of progress isn't as I'd like it to be, I'm happy with the quality of my work thus far. I've run into a small issue insofar as I've run out of Deathwatch shoulder pads.  Hopefully this will only prove to be a temporary setback, as GW kindly continues to stock the upgrade kit I need to continue building Deathwatch Vets.  Until the kit arrives, I'll just continue to paint the marine as normal.

Catch you all later.


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