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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Terrain Update - Manufactorum detailing completed

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone, may 2013 be filled with plenty of painting, gaming and hobbies-galore!

After posting my last  Terrain Tuesday article, I decided to add some extra details to the building's upper levels - namely some extra rubble etc to the first and second floors.  Like the barricade on the ground floor, this was built up using modelling paste and 'rubble' created from a combination of cut-up sprue and foamcore off-cuts.  The modelling paste was used as a base before the rubble mix was applied to the surface and pushed into the paste.  Additional paste was layered on to ensure the rubble stays in place.  With the detail in place, the building was left out to allow the paste to dry.

With the extra detail completed, all that remains is to undercoat the building before beginning the painting process.  It's a shame to cover over the previous paint job, but I'm hoping that through the use of a process called 'dusting' I'll be able to keep some of the original colour present on the model.  At least that is the hope....

Catch you all later


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