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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hobby Update - Resolutions for 2012

As with all good blogs recently, this is my mandatory 2012 hobby progress review with bonus 2013 outlook.  Despite my desire to wax lyrically on the highs and lows of 2012, I thought it best to keep this article short and sweet.  

Miniatures Purchased: 8

Miniatures Painted: 42

Points of Painted Warriors: 272 pts

Points of Painted Salamanders: 700 pts

As part of my hobby resolutions for 2012, I wanted to spend more of my hobby time finishing old projects and generally making a dent in my fairly expansive collection of miniatures.   For the most part, I was successful in achieving this goal, painting many more miniatures that I bought.  Sadly though, I failed to paint all the miniatures I purchased this year, something which I hope to change moving forward.  

There are many models I've bought this year that
I'm yet to begin painting, let alone finishing...

Only 272 points were added to the army as a whole, though I
REALLY need to finish basing the stuff I've painted... and my
Ogres, I must remember that I've got painted Ogres...

This year has seen my Warriors undergo a small expansion this year, allowing me to field a decent sized army of fully-painted miniatures.  By the end of 2013, I hope to field my first fully-painted 2400 point army.  Before that can happen however, I need to pay more attention to my WIP Infantry.  

My Salamanders have gone from strength to strength, steadily becoming
a power-house within our local gaming club.  
After a significant effort this year, I've managed to add another 700-odd points to my Salamander Strike Force.  The discovery of the Badab War Imperial Armour books has given my Fireborn a sense of direction, channelling my efforts towards building an 1850 point army.  At this point, I can at least field a fully painted 1500 point army which is pretty sweet.  Perhaps 2013 will see me reach my goal of 1850.

The final goal of 2013 will be to build and paint terrain.  For as long as I can remember I've been amassing resources for terrain and I'm yet to actually do anything with it.  This will change in 2013, with my goal being to build and paint enough terrain to adequately cover a 40K and Fantasy gaming table.  Having a fully painted gaming table to go with my full-painted army is a very exciting prospect and I hope I can make it a reality this year.

So with lofty goals declared, I will take my leave; hopefully to make a start on completing one of these resolutions....

Catch you all later, 


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