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Friday, May 27, 2016

Gotham City Streets Mk II – Painting

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Continuing the progress I’ve been making on my latest gaming table (first part can be found here) I’ve begun the painting process that will hopefully transform this table into something spectacular. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

BMG Update: Gotham City Streets Mk II - Construction

As some of you might be aware, part way through last year I attempted to create a modular BMG Board that used magnets to hold everything together while also providing me with what I thought would be an almost endless stream of variations as new board sections were created.  No plan survives initial contact with the enemy though and after a while it became readily apparent that I needed a new strategy.  The pieces I had ordered didn't fit quite right, nor did the pieces that I had cut to act as the ‘pavement’ to provide a distinct recess for the road sections to pass through.  In the end, I decided to admit defeat and look for a new approach.  A new opportunity arrived in the form of a sizable piece of MDF coming into my possession that was close to the dimensions that I required for a Batman table.  Sure it was a little larger, but that’s all part of the fun right? With a surface to work with, it was time to play Town Planner...