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Saturday, May 26, 2012

WOC Update – Marauder unit filler finished!

So it’s taken me a year and a bit, but I’ve finally finished expanding my unit of 20 Marauders into a nice squishy block of 36!  I’d originally hoped that the larger block would mean that it would last a little longer, and at times this is the case.  Other times, the unit gets quickly deleted off the board from either magic or shooting, never really making it into any sort of combat.  Now that I’ve finished Wulfrik however, I’m hoping that this is going to change dramatically as his ability to give a unit of Marauders the means to quasi-ambush the enemy from their back lines will make the unit much more manoeuvrable and a much greater threat. 

While their colour scheme started out simple enough, my decision to add another colour as well as replace two of the command models added more time to the project than I had initially realised – something which is fairly typical for me with these types of projects.  The important thing is that we made it there in the end and nobody got hurt in the process.  The unit filler was surprisingly fun to paint and came together beautifully as progress began to snowball.

Now that the unit filler is completed, all that’s left to do is the final stage of the basing, which I’ll do progressively over the next week or so (whenever the desire to play with snow hits me).  Meanwhile, I’ve decided it’s time to dedicate some time towards painting my Chosen.  Considering all the assembled members of the unit are already undercoated bronze (albeit pretty badly), a good chunk of the work has already been done for me.  All I’ll need to do is build up the colour of the armour before moving onto the best part – the fine detail work.  From there, I’ll see about building a unit filler to bulk out their numbers quickly while also finishing the wolves that already accompany the Champion.  Perhaps a slave or two to tie the unit in with my unit of Warriors that have already been completed...

Catch you all later


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting my Groove Back - A #brushtime Experiment

Recently, it has become apparent to me that I’m not painting as much as I was at the beginning of the year. Once again I find myself in a state of ‘Hobby Flux’ where I can’t seem to focus on any one project, for long enough to make any sort of significant progress.  For example, for the past month or so, I’ve been trying to paint a Dreadnought close combat arm that was tagged in my WIP pic in this article.  Try as I might though, I wasn't able to return to it and get it completed until this week. The end result of my efforts are shown below.

At this point I’m kind of desperate to come up with a system that helps me get paint onto models so in desperation, I’m taking the dangerous path of a designating a minimum 1.5 hours of #brushtime that must be completed each weekday (excluding weekends).  Mandatory painting is a dangerous thing because at the very worst, you are forcing yourself to paint something when you don’t really feel like it which can very easily lead to hobby burnout.  Having experienced it before, hobby burnout is not something I wish to revisit any time soon, so there are some precautions I’ll be taking. 

If I feel like painting something, I’ll paint it – Simple really.  If I want to paint a Space Marine, I’ll paint a Space Marine.  If I feel like doing terrain, then terrain is where it’s at.  If I want to do it, it won’t be a chore.

If I don’t feel like painting anything particular, then do something different each time – If I bounce from project to project, then there’s progress happening across the board.  Again, this is a means of staving off boredom with any one particular item while giving me the opportunity to get excited about something.

Break up the time block into smaller chunks – Forcing myself to sit down for 90 minutes to paint everyday is a good way to ensure my desire to paint and model will die a most spectacular death.  Instead I’ll try and break it up into smaller, more manageable pieces.  If I can sit myself in front of the TV and watch a show while painting a shield, I can smash 30-40 minutes off my allotted time.  Also, if paint for 30 minutes in the morning before I get ready for work, then I’ve only got to fit 60 minutes into my afternoon / evening. 

With these resolutions fixed firmly in my mind, I can proudly say that I’ve managed to amass a decent chunk of hours over the last couple of weeks, which is very encouraging, despite a terrain project commandeering a good deal of designated brushtime.  Thus far I’ve got a number of projects on the go, including the Dreadnought chassis and the Mordheim Norse Swordsmen that are shown above.  I’ve also started building a house/ mansion for my Warhammer table.  The progress I’ve made thus far is shown in the pic below. 

Catch you all later


Thursday, May 10, 2012

WoC Update – Marauders!

Once again I find myself in an all too familiar position, writing about the progress I’ve made towards getting my thrice-damned unit of 36 Marauders with Shields painted and on the table.  Last time I wrote on this topic, I made mention that I only had 3 individual models to go before I was able to paint the final unit filler that would complete the unit and give me a quasi-formidable 36-strong block of relatively expendable warriors. 

I’m happy to report that I’ve finally finished painting the three models that were preventing me from working on the unit filler, rounding the final painting curve and bringing the finish line into sight (finally!!!!!).  Once the unit filler is painted, all that is left to do will be the movement tray and putting snow on the bases, a job that will take even less time to complete that a single one of these warriors.  With the finishing touches applied, I shall be able to finally declare this unit complete and hopefully never look at another Marauder again (except when working on my Mordheim that is).  Unfortunately I know that this respite is only temporary because I still need to build the obligatory 40-man block of Khorne Marauders armed with Great Weapons (40 men and only 250 points *sigh*), not to mention another 35 Marauders of Nurgle (again with Hand Weapon and Shield). 

Before I go however, here’s a WIP pic of the final unit filler for my Marauders.  I’m aiming to have this unit completed and off my hobby desk forever by the end of the month, a goal which I feel is quite achievable.

Catch you all later


Monday, May 7, 2012

Mordheim Update – Accessories are your friend!

 As my collection of Mordheim warbands grows, I’m finding myself looking for more and more ways to make each miniature different.  In the beginning, it was enough to change the angle of an arm, or to tweak a weapon so it looks just that little bit different.  After a while though, these tweaks aren't enough and more changes are needed to truly individualise the model.  Unfortunately for me, the Chaos Marauder box doesn't include anything in the way of accessories.  Thankfully though, there are countless bitz companies out there that are more than happy to provide you with access to the accessories from a multitude of other boxes and this is an opportunity I'm not willing to pass up.

Of the multitude of boxed sets released by Games Workshop, there are some that I find provide some extra, really useful parts for blinging up your warband.  A big thanks go out to Red Griffon Games on Ebay and Hoard O' Bits as well.  Both have been very helpful in fuelling my Mordheim addiction.  

Brettonian Men-at-Arms – For a bunch of peasants, they have some of the coolest accessories available to them, including pouches, bottles, even captured wildlife!  My personal favourite however is the tiny snail they include on the sprue which I’m just itching to use. 

 Empire Pistoleers / Outriders – For Human Mercenary players, this box has a fine collection of holstered pistols that scream ‘duelling pistol’.  With their extended barrel and ornate design, I’d find it hard going to persuade anyone otherwise.  They also have a great set of ‘swags’ / bedrolls that are normally meant to sit behind their saddles but can quickly be re-purposed for infantry. 

Empire Archers – Another fun box that provides multiple pouches and a fun curio or two.  Best thing is that is has several pouches with stiletto dagger included so that you can include the all-important dagger as part of your model.  While I can’t use it with my Marauders, they also include a recently killed bird being held aloft as a trophy which can add a great deal of character to your marksman.

Space Marine Scouts – A strange entry to be sure, but contained within are several coils of rope that can easily be used to represent the ‘rope and hook’ item for your heroes.  I know it’s one of the first items I buy when I get the chance (right after lucky charms and rabbit’s feet that is).  Additionally, there are a couple of pouches and a machete / sword that fits in well enough.  That said I’m still struggling to find the right model on which to use the sword...

 But what’s an explanation without details?  Below are pics of various models that have accessories incorporated into their design.  I feel that the details should be spread across Hero and Henchmen alike to drive home the individualistic nature of the game.  In some areas, I've added extra details to miniatures that have already been painted, meaning additional time will need to be spent making sure those areas fit in with the rest of the model.  Overall I've really enjoyed adding this extra level of detail to these models and I'm looking forward to adding more miniatures to the collection.  As it is, I still have another couple of Darksouls to do yet, not to mention a Beastman or two.

Catch you all later


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mordheim Update – Swordsman and the Possessed!

With the unfortunate disbanding of my valiant Middenheimers, I decided it was time to move onto another Coreheim warband that would allow me to have fun modelling, while allowing me to keep using my large collection of Marauders.  Possessed, it seems, was a natural choice then to make.  In previous years, I started creating a Possessed warband, replete with mutants sporting Scorpion Tails for extra-killy goodness.  All I needed to do was add a group of henchmen to the mix and the warband was ready to hit the table!

The boys all ready for action!

Nobody really wants to know what he carries in that bag of his...

By talking only a single possessed and minimal mutations on my heroes, I was able to spread the wealth out far enough so that I could afford four heroes and a group of four brethren armed with Maces and Hammers.  Considering their potential for blunt-force brutality, they pretty much named themselves; the Crushers were born!  These fellows would act as a screen for my heroes, protecting them from life-threatening shooting while also assisting the heroes in making kills with their weapons ‘concussion’ ability; stunning the enemy so that my heroes can make the killing strike.  This has been a strategy that was worked quite well in their first two games, allowing me to garner a decent amount of kills against living foes.  When faced with the undead, the considerable flaw in my previously-indomitable plan became readily apparent.  Being that undead cannot be ‘stunned’, bashing them in the head with a hammer only serves to slow them down slightly (and possibly aggravate them immensely).  However, I managed to target enough living members of the Undead warband to encourage my opponent to rout (which was just as well, I wasn’t sure if my Possessed could take much more of a beating) and get me the win.

Mask... Check! Axe... Check! Severed Head...Check!

With my winnings I decided to hire my first Darksoul, a crazed individual whose mind has been shattered beyond repair as a result of Daemonic possession.  Being Str 4, I gave him a Double handed axe and will send him on his merry way, hoping that he’ll manage to roll a ‘Lads got Talent’ and become a hero after the next game or so.  Being only WS2, he’ll be paired up with one of the Crushers, relying on their ability to stun enemies so he can claim the kill. I’m hoping I can amass a group of these fellows together to create a mini-unit that will be truly feared as their Str6 will punch through most people’s ability to parry.   

With all the conversions that have been going on, thankfully I’ve still managed to get a spot of painting in.  As can be seen above, I've been working on two swordsmen for my Middenheim warband while they are on hiatus and I'm happy to report that they are coming together wonderfully and should be completed by the end of the week!  

Catch you all later