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Thursday, November 12, 2015

BMG Update - Welcome to Foamcordia

There's little doubt in my mind these days of the importance terrain plays in a miniature wargame.  As I've written previously, I feel terrain is an essential element in the creation of a universe which allows players to maximise their enjoyment of the game and lose themselves for an hour or three (if not longer!!).  After spending a considerable amount of money on miniatures recently, I came to the realisation the desire to forego allocating funding for terrain and choosing to rely on the collection of 40K terrain at my disposal wasn't going to butter the parsnips for much longer.  While it gave us a varied and quasi-flexible board, it just wasn't Gotham.  I knew that I'd be buying a large collection of MDF terrain, but that wouldn't be for a while so I needed something to stand in for the meantime.  What the hell was I going to use???