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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A new week, a new addition to the project

With the conclusion of the weekend, I though it would be good to post an update.  With the Ides of March tournament coming up in mid March, the pressure is on to amass a 2400 point warrior army in which to sweep away all competition.  Failing that, at least sweep away the second to last placed players in the tourney.  To that end, much of the envisioned progress for my Salamander Army will be postponed until I have a working army to take to Brisbane.  Meanwhile, to shake things up a bit and to prevent army painter burn-out, I've purchased a ruined temple-fort from a generous soul on Ebay.  With a little bit of re-basing, and a mild case of reconstruction, I believe I'll be able to product a perfectly serviceable temple of Chaos or an Acropolis of Heroes.  Some WIP photos are coming soon.  

On the Fantasy frontier, I've been working on building some more Chaos Warriors that will be used to create my main anvil unit.  A unit of 20 or so Chaos Warriors all armed with shields is a fearful prospect for anyone to face.  When accompanied by a Khornate BSB, they become even more fearsome.  By Wednesday, I hope to have the majority of the base coating completed and the next rank of warriors sculpted and ready for undercoating.

Catch you all later


Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Triple Helix Project is here!!

As part of the New Year I, like many other gamers out there, have decided to make a couple of New Year’s hobby resolutions in order to increase the amount of models I get painted in a year.  Now for those who know me, I’m not a speed painter.  Truth be told, I paint about as fast as a geriatric turtle and as a result I’m yet to field a fully painted army in my ten or so years of gaming.  I have decided though, that 2011 is going to change all that and I’m going to work out a plan so that when 2012 rolls around, I’ll no longer be fielding half-painted armies.  To this end, there are three major goals that I want to achieve:

  1. Complete a 2000 point Warriors of Chaos Army

    Currently, my chaos army is undergoing an overhaul as units are being replaced/ redesigned to suit the vision I have for this army.  Originally, my Chaos Warriors were made from Marauders armed with Chaos Warrior shields and hand weapons and wearing a Chaos Warrior Helmet.  Unfortunately this didn’t produce a look that I was satisfied with while nor was it easy for my opponents to distinguish the Warriors from actual Marauders.  To this end, I’ve opted for a ‘chunkier’ profile for my warriors, using the Warrior legs, helmet, shield and hand weapon combined with a Marauder torso and arms.  This has resulted in the creation of a model that has been aptly named the ‘Super Armoured Pants Marauder’ or SAPM for short.  With only 6 of these warriors fully painted and about, my Chaos Army requires the most work as I hope to use several units of these as a basis for my army, while also including units that provide other interesting conversion opportunities to create an army that is truly unique.

    Old Chaos Warrior
    New Chaos Warrior
    1. Complete my 1850 point Salamander Space Marine Army -

      In its second incarnation, my current Salamander army has received the most attention in the last 12 months.  Based on the Space Wolves Codex, the army features several units of Grey Hunters combined with a large unit of Blood Claws and a pair of Long Fang Packs to provide long range support.  With both squads of Grey Hunters being completed, this army is the closest to being finished than it ever was in v1.  I’ve also decided to go for an equipment heavy look to the miniatures, with all models possessing pouches, grenades, weapons, helmets etc that they are equipped with in the unit entry of the Codex as opposed to the basic marine model that you tend to see on the tabletop.  Hopefully as the army progresses, I intend to add weathering to the armour of certain units to reflect their status as front-line fighters. 

    2. Have two fully painted tables complete with terrain -

      Possibly one of the more adventurous goals that I have devised in the past, I have two 6x4 tables that were constructed at the beginning of 2010 which are yet to be textured and painted.  Originally the aim was to paint up one table for my 40K and one for my Fantasy army with terrain to match, however much of that had fallen to the wayside with tournament preparation taking priority over all else.  This year however, I intend to have both tables and all related terrain completed because nothing else helps set the scene for a game more than having a fully painted table to play on. 

    To provide a record of the progress I make each week, I’ll be providing WIP pics of all the models that I work on each week.  By doing so, I hope to keep the readers interested, while also providing me with a level of accountability that will ensure I keep painting models. With all my painting, I always welcome constructive C&C as I feel it can assist me in becoming a better painter.

    Catch you all later