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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A new week, a new addition to the project

With the conclusion of the weekend, I though it would be good to post an update.  With the Ides of March tournament coming up in mid March, the pressure is on to amass a 2400 point warrior army in which to sweep away all competition.  Failing that, at least sweep away the second to last placed players in the tourney.  To that end, much of the envisioned progress for my Salamander Army will be postponed until I have a working army to take to Brisbane.  Meanwhile, to shake things up a bit and to prevent army painter burn-out, I've purchased a ruined temple-fort from a generous soul on Ebay.  With a little bit of re-basing, and a mild case of reconstruction, I believe I'll be able to product a perfectly serviceable temple of Chaos or an Acropolis of Heroes.  Some WIP photos are coming soon.  

On the Fantasy frontier, I've been working on building some more Chaos Warriors that will be used to create my main anvil unit.  A unit of 20 or so Chaos Warriors all armed with shields is a fearful prospect for anyone to face.  When accompanied by a Khornate BSB, they become even more fearsome.  By Wednesday, I hope to have the majority of the base coating completed and the next rank of warriors sculpted and ready for undercoating.

Catch you all later


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