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Friday, August 30, 2013

WoC Update - Panic Level Over 9000!!!!!

When you're just over a week from a Tournament and you still haven't finished painting... hell, when you haven't even finished ASSEMBLING your army, you know things aren't going to plan.  To be fair, I've been operating in a heightened state of hobby awareness for about a fortnight now, ever since a mate so kindly reminded me that Trickster's Blade was going to kick off in three weeks (players pack can be downloaded here).  Ever the hobby optimist, my reaction I feel was pretty fitting for the time:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#TerrainTuesday - Post Apocalyptic Shelves

You know, there's nothing like an impending deadline to remind you of all the other projects that demand your attention.  Inspired by Neon Pink Apokalypse's DIY Paint Station / Hobby Board, I have embraced my inner handy-man and have tried my hand at a set of shelves for my newly-recovered terrain cupboard.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#TerrainTuesday - Fence Posts and Bases

Despite my self-destructive tendencies towards my wargaming hobbies, I've managed to make some progress on my hedges this week.  With the clump foliage in place, I was finally able to get started on yhr rest of the project - namely getting the fence posts and the bases painted and ready for flocking.  At least that was the plan... until I was exposed to one of the greatest time sinks of all time....

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#TerrainTuesday - All outta Bush and Snowhere to go!

Hark! O Mortal Creatures!  Gather close as I regale you all with tales and prophecy gifted to me by the benevolent Father Nurgle!!  He has once again looked upon this land and seen fit to bless me with his touch, blanketing my flesh with disease and whose foul emanations are pleasing to him! While preaching the blessed word of Nurgle, my desire to work on my myriad of active Wargaming Projects has been understandably diverted towards other ventures (such as overcoming such 'blessings' so as to earn my release from quarantine).  However, prior to becoming enslaved to Nurgle's Purpose, I was able to make some progress on my hedge project....  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#TerrainTuesday: Beating around the Bush

Over the past couple of weeks, I feel as though I've learned a thing or two - The first of which that will no doubt be many lessons is that a project of this scope takes a considerable amount of time.  Not really a shocking revelation I suppose, at least if you think about it.  60-odd inches of scouring pad, all needing to be covered with clump foliage on both sides.  It's gonna take a while.  Second thing I've learned - cheap superglue is your friend.  At this point I've gone through no less than 9 packets of glue, all containing 6 tubes of glue.  54 tubes!?!?!?  and the scary thing is that I'm only about two-thirds there!!  This does not bode well for my future forestry project...