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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#TerrainTuesday - Fence Posts and Bases

Despite my self-destructive tendencies towards my wargaming hobbies, I've managed to make some progress on my hedges this week.  With the clump foliage in place, I was finally able to get started on yhr rest of the project - namely getting the fence posts and the bases painted and ready for flocking.  At least that was the plan... until I was exposed to one of the greatest time sinks of all time....

Yup, I've finally caved and downloaded League of Legends.  While my experience with DotA was less than successful, I've been making great in-roads with LoL (insofar as to say I don't totally suck at the game).  The only problem is, the game cuts into my ever-limited hobby time, leaving me less and less opportunities to get projects done.

Still, progress is progress and I'm not about to discount progress no matter how minor it appears to be.

The timber was done in a similar style to the smaller house I did earlier this year.  Not as light a colour as I'd wanted, but I'm happy enough with the finished product.  Still wondering if I should give it a green wash or not as a means of aging the timber some more.  The gravel bases have been given a grey basecoat before being overbrushed with a layer or two of white to ensure a strong layer of colour when the snow flock is applied.

With these two steps completed, all that's left to do is to apply the snow flock itself - the final step needed to complete this seemingly endless project.  Personally, I'm looking forward to completing this project and adding a new set of terrain to my ever-growing collection.

Catch you all later,


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