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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#TerrainTuesday - Post Apocalyptic Shelves

You know, there's nothing like an impending deadline to remind you of all the other projects that demand your attention.  Inspired by Neon Pink Apokalypse's DIY Paint Station / Hobby Board, I have embraced my inner handy-man and have tried my hand at a set of shelves for my newly-recovered terrain cupboard.

Originally the cupboard had a pair of these doors
made of badly cut MDF (yes those are screws sticking out of the door)

Once the doors were removed, I was able to move onto the shelves, using 10mm MDF as the base.  Originally intending for this to be be-all and end-all, I quickly realised my error in this thought pattern - I was using 10mm MDF.  The stuff is so sensitive that it warps when you look at it funny.  As a result, struts would need to be installed to ensure the shelves would retain their shape long-term.  Measuring up some lengths of pine, I began the long and drawn out process of gluing and screwing the batons into place.

I do enjoy a bit of 'bend-n-flex' in my shelves...  Kinda makes my
terrain collection... come together... in a whole new way

Cut the batons...
Glue the batons...
Screw the batons...

With the batons in place and secure, all that's left to do was to fit the shelves before loading then down with all my terrain.... well some of it at least...

Catch you all later,



  1. awesome! it's the small things in life isn't it! like struts! =)
    glad to see my little article was at all helpful in anyway.

    1. Lol so true Jessica! =) I do enjoy reading your articles, though I am really keen to see more of your RP with Don't Rest Your Head. It sounds like a very cool concept