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Friday, August 30, 2013

WoC Update - Panic Level Over 9000!!!!!

When you're just over a week from a Tournament and you still haven't finished painting... hell, when you haven't even finished ASSEMBLING your army, you know things aren't going to plan.  To be fair, I've been operating in a heightened state of hobby awareness for about a fortnight now, ever since a mate so kindly reminded me that Trickster's Blade was going to kick off in three weeks (players pack can be downloaded here).  Ever the hobby optimist, my reaction I feel was pretty fitting for the time:

For the most part, the army as a whole is assembled and ready to go, with the exception of a lone chariot which is yet to be built and / or based.  I'm fairly confident that I'll be able to smash it together in a night or two - one to assemble it, and a second to base it.  If that was all I needed to do, I'd be feeling pretty sweet about now.  Unfortunately though, it's never that easy with me.  I'm also in the process of painting as many of my incomplete models as I possibly can; An impressive achievement if I can pull it off considering my to-do list:

2 x Hellcannons
1 x BSB
1 x Sorcerer
1 x Chaos Lord
2 x Chosen
1 x Chariot (2 in total)

Not only that, but I'm also in the process of building my third gaming table, painting the second one and getting a bunch of terrain ready for the event.  I woke up today and realised that there's only 8 days till the tournament... Some of you may already be able to guess my reaction:

Still, I continue undaunted - determined to get as much painted as I possible can before the tournament kicks off next Saturday morning.  Meanwhile, I'm also devoting a good portion of my time to get a number of other tournament-related projects that are pretty time consuming to complete.  The most demanding of these projects is my third 6x4 table that uses 10mm MDF for the tabletop itself and is reinforced using pine batons.  Those who've read my last TerrainTuesday article, know how I feel about 10mm MDF and while it's only my second time building a table, this one's definitely an improvement over the last one I built.  I'm confident however, that subsequent attempts will continue to yield progressively better results.

Not to be outdone, I've also spent a good portion of time getting Table No: 2 (aka: The Fancy One) finished.  After getting the surface textured and painted white (embracing it's future as my 'Snow Table'), I've started painting the trim around the base of the table in a darker, contrasting colour.  While the colouring / design of the table isn't anywhere near as intricate as a professional table (think mid / late 90's Games Workshop before the dreaded Realm of Battle Boards made their appearance; back when DiY projects were considered cool and part of the hobby), I think it ticks all the proverbial boxes for what I'm looking for in a gaming table.  Once that's done, all that's left will be to seal the entire thing with Varnish.

So this is where I stand, not 8 days away from the Tournament with a paintbrush in hand and a power-drill in the other.  No doubt something will have to give eventually and I'm acutely aware of this.  All I can do is keep chugging away and get as much as I possibly can done before I'm forced to pay the piper....

Catch you all later,


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