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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#TerrainTuesday - All outta Bush and Snowhere to go!

Hark! O Mortal Creatures!  Gather close as I regale you all with tales and prophecy gifted to me by the benevolent Father Nurgle!!  He has once again looked upon this land and seen fit to bless me with his touch, blanketing my flesh with disease and whose foul emanations are pleasing to him! While preaching the blessed word of Nurgle, my desire to work on my myriad of active Wargaming Projects has been understandably diverted towards other ventures (such as overcoming such 'blessings' so as to earn my release from quarantine).  However, prior to becoming enslaved to Nurgle's Purpose, I was able to make some progress on my hedge project....  

Where we left off last time...
After what has seemed like an eternity of gluing clump foliage (mostly to myself but occasionally to the actual terrain project), I'm happy to announce that the 'bulking out' process is completed and the various sections are ready to be painted.  While I was certainly hesitant at the beginning, I'm very glad I made the effort. Their size and scope are distinctive and will definitely help set the scene for the battle. In the last article, my progress had been stymied by the ill-timed shortage of super-glue (once again mid-way through a section of hedge).  With a new batch of glue secured, I was able to quickly finish applying clump foliage to all exposed sections of scouring pad.  

Flocked Hedge Sections

The next stage in the project is to paint all the timber posts and the bases before receiving the snow-treatment to tie them in with the rest of the terrain features on my snow table.  With only a reasonably small amount of painting required to get these hedges ready for the final stage, I'm hoping to have the majority of the work completed by next week.  Assuming Papa Nurgle is done with me for now that is....

Catch you all later, 


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