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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting my Groove Back - A #brushtime Experiment

Recently, it has become apparent to me that I’m not painting as much as I was at the beginning of the year. Once again I find myself in a state of ‘Hobby Flux’ where I can’t seem to focus on any one project, for long enough to make any sort of significant progress.  For example, for the past month or so, I’ve been trying to paint a Dreadnought close combat arm that was tagged in my WIP pic in this article.  Try as I might though, I wasn't able to return to it and get it completed until this week. The end result of my efforts are shown below.

At this point I’m kind of desperate to come up with a system that helps me get paint onto models so in desperation, I’m taking the dangerous path of a designating a minimum 1.5 hours of #brushtime that must be completed each weekday (excluding weekends).  Mandatory painting is a dangerous thing because at the very worst, you are forcing yourself to paint something when you don’t really feel like it which can very easily lead to hobby burnout.  Having experienced it before, hobby burnout is not something I wish to revisit any time soon, so there are some precautions I’ll be taking. 

If I feel like painting something, I’ll paint it – Simple really.  If I want to paint a Space Marine, I’ll paint a Space Marine.  If I feel like doing terrain, then terrain is where it’s at.  If I want to do it, it won’t be a chore.

If I don’t feel like painting anything particular, then do something different each time – If I bounce from project to project, then there’s progress happening across the board.  Again, this is a means of staving off boredom with any one particular item while giving me the opportunity to get excited about something.

Break up the time block into smaller chunks – Forcing myself to sit down for 90 minutes to paint everyday is a good way to ensure my desire to paint and model will die a most spectacular death.  Instead I’ll try and break it up into smaller, more manageable pieces.  If I can sit myself in front of the TV and watch a show while painting a shield, I can smash 30-40 minutes off my allotted time.  Also, if paint for 30 minutes in the morning before I get ready for work, then I’ve only got to fit 60 minutes into my afternoon / evening. 

With these resolutions fixed firmly in my mind, I can proudly say that I’ve managed to amass a decent chunk of hours over the last couple of weeks, which is very encouraging, despite a terrain project commandeering a good deal of designated brushtime.  Thus far I’ve got a number of projects on the go, including the Dreadnought chassis and the Mordheim Norse Swordsmen that are shown above.  I’ve also started building a house/ mansion for my Warhammer table.  The progress I’ve made thus far is shown in the pic below. 

Catch you all later


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