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Thursday, May 10, 2012

WoC Update – Marauders!

Once again I find myself in an all too familiar position, writing about the progress I’ve made towards getting my thrice-damned unit of 36 Marauders with Shields painted and on the table.  Last time I wrote on this topic, I made mention that I only had 3 individual models to go before I was able to paint the final unit filler that would complete the unit and give me a quasi-formidable 36-strong block of relatively expendable warriors. 

I’m happy to report that I’ve finally finished painting the three models that were preventing me from working on the unit filler, rounding the final painting curve and bringing the finish line into sight (finally!!!!!).  Once the unit filler is painted, all that is left to do will be the movement tray and putting snow on the bases, a job that will take even less time to complete that a single one of these warriors.  With the finishing touches applied, I shall be able to finally declare this unit complete and hopefully never look at another Marauder again (except when working on my Mordheim that is).  Unfortunately I know that this respite is only temporary because I still need to build the obligatory 40-man block of Khorne Marauders armed with Great Weapons (40 men and only 250 points *sigh*), not to mention another 35 Marauders of Nurgle (again with Hand Weapon and Shield). 

Before I go however, here’s a WIP pic of the final unit filler for my Marauders.  I’m aiming to have this unit completed and off my hobby desk forever by the end of the month, a goal which I feel is quite achievable.

Catch you all later


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