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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mordheim Update – Swordsman and the Possessed!

With the unfortunate disbanding of my valiant Middenheimers, I decided it was time to move onto another Coreheim warband that would allow me to have fun modelling, while allowing me to keep using my large collection of Marauders.  Possessed, it seems, was a natural choice then to make.  In previous years, I started creating a Possessed warband, replete with mutants sporting Scorpion Tails for extra-killy goodness.  All I needed to do was add a group of henchmen to the mix and the warband was ready to hit the table!

The boys all ready for action!

Nobody really wants to know what he carries in that bag of his...

By talking only a single possessed and minimal mutations on my heroes, I was able to spread the wealth out far enough so that I could afford four heroes and a group of four brethren armed with Maces and Hammers.  Considering their potential for blunt-force brutality, they pretty much named themselves; the Crushers were born!  These fellows would act as a screen for my heroes, protecting them from life-threatening shooting while also assisting the heroes in making kills with their weapons ‘concussion’ ability; stunning the enemy so that my heroes can make the killing strike.  This has been a strategy that was worked quite well in their first two games, allowing me to garner a decent amount of kills against living foes.  When faced with the undead, the considerable flaw in my previously-indomitable plan became readily apparent.  Being that undead cannot be ‘stunned’, bashing them in the head with a hammer only serves to slow them down slightly (and possibly aggravate them immensely).  However, I managed to target enough living members of the Undead warband to encourage my opponent to rout (which was just as well, I wasn’t sure if my Possessed could take much more of a beating) and get me the win.

Mask... Check! Axe... Check! Severed Head...Check!

With my winnings I decided to hire my first Darksoul, a crazed individual whose mind has been shattered beyond repair as a result of Daemonic possession.  Being Str 4, I gave him a Double handed axe and will send him on his merry way, hoping that he’ll manage to roll a ‘Lads got Talent’ and become a hero after the next game or so.  Being only WS2, he’ll be paired up with one of the Crushers, relying on their ability to stun enemies so he can claim the kill. I’m hoping I can amass a group of these fellows together to create a mini-unit that will be truly feared as their Str6 will punch through most people’s ability to parry.   

With all the conversions that have been going on, thankfully I’ve still managed to get a spot of painting in.  As can be seen above, I've been working on two swordsmen for my Middenheim warband while they are on hiatus and I'm happy to report that they are coming together wonderfully and should be completed by the end of the week!  

Catch you all later


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  1. yeah - Strength 6 cant be parried by Strength 3

    i love possessed, but on my henchy Darksouls i built in Flails.

    You really want a Gor hero, 2 Mutants, 2 Possessed and Magister