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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mordheim Update – Accessories are your friend!

 As my collection of Mordheim warbands grows, I’m finding myself looking for more and more ways to make each miniature different.  In the beginning, it was enough to change the angle of an arm, or to tweak a weapon so it looks just that little bit different.  After a while though, these tweaks aren't enough and more changes are needed to truly individualise the model.  Unfortunately for me, the Chaos Marauder box doesn't include anything in the way of accessories.  Thankfully though, there are countless bitz companies out there that are more than happy to provide you with access to the accessories from a multitude of other boxes and this is an opportunity I'm not willing to pass up.

Of the multitude of boxed sets released by Games Workshop, there are some that I find provide some extra, really useful parts for blinging up your warband.  A big thanks go out to Red Griffon Games on Ebay and Hoard O' Bits as well.  Both have been very helpful in fuelling my Mordheim addiction.  

Brettonian Men-at-Arms – For a bunch of peasants, they have some of the coolest accessories available to them, including pouches, bottles, even captured wildlife!  My personal favourite however is the tiny snail they include on the sprue which I’m just itching to use. 

 Empire Pistoleers / Outriders – For Human Mercenary players, this box has a fine collection of holstered pistols that scream ‘duelling pistol’.  With their extended barrel and ornate design, I’d find it hard going to persuade anyone otherwise.  They also have a great set of ‘swags’ / bedrolls that are normally meant to sit behind their saddles but can quickly be re-purposed for infantry. 

Empire Archers – Another fun box that provides multiple pouches and a fun curio or two.  Best thing is that is has several pouches with stiletto dagger included so that you can include the all-important dagger as part of your model.  While I can’t use it with my Marauders, they also include a recently killed bird being held aloft as a trophy which can add a great deal of character to your marksman.

Space Marine Scouts – A strange entry to be sure, but contained within are several coils of rope that can easily be used to represent the ‘rope and hook’ item for your heroes.  I know it’s one of the first items I buy when I get the chance (right after lucky charms and rabbit’s feet that is).  Additionally, there are a couple of pouches and a machete / sword that fits in well enough.  That said I’m still struggling to find the right model on which to use the sword...

 But what’s an explanation without details?  Below are pics of various models that have accessories incorporated into their design.  I feel that the details should be spread across Hero and Henchmen alike to drive home the individualistic nature of the game.  In some areas, I've added extra details to miniatures that have already been painted, meaning additional time will need to be spent making sure those areas fit in with the rest of the model.  Overall I've really enjoyed adding this extra level of detail to these models and I'm looking forward to adding more miniatures to the collection.  As it is, I still have another couple of Darksouls to do yet, not to mention a Beastman or two.

Catch you all later



  1. The Empire Flagellant set also has loads of great accessories. Keys, chains, skulls, hour glasses, parchments, books, scrolls etc. All of which are very characterful additions for for Mordheim

  2. So very true! I'm a little disappointed I didn't think of it before. I've a got a box of them floating around my hobby room, I'm going to have to peruse the sprues.

  3. Great article on accessories. I am a vivid warhammer and fantasy painter/gamer/collector (With 4 armies worth. Bret/WoC/DoC/Dwarves). On top of that, I do modern military models and miniatures for wargaming too. Follow my blog ( if you like what you see.

    I do particularly like your paintjob on the Model above. Did you paint it?


    1. Thanks for the compliment, you can bet I'll be visiting your own blog in the very near future. As for the miniatures above, they're all my own work, as slow going as it is for me lol. My Mordheim mini's seem to be taking a bit of a grittier/ darker feel to them. Hopefully it will help me get my WoC Army painted quicker.