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Saturday, May 26, 2012

WOC Update – Marauder unit filler finished!

So it’s taken me a year and a bit, but I’ve finally finished expanding my unit of 20 Marauders into a nice squishy block of 36!  I’d originally hoped that the larger block would mean that it would last a little longer, and at times this is the case.  Other times, the unit gets quickly deleted off the board from either magic or shooting, never really making it into any sort of combat.  Now that I’ve finished Wulfrik however, I’m hoping that this is going to change dramatically as his ability to give a unit of Marauders the means to quasi-ambush the enemy from their back lines will make the unit much more manoeuvrable and a much greater threat. 

While their colour scheme started out simple enough, my decision to add another colour as well as replace two of the command models added more time to the project than I had initially realised – something which is fairly typical for me with these types of projects.  The important thing is that we made it there in the end and nobody got hurt in the process.  The unit filler was surprisingly fun to paint and came together beautifully as progress began to snowball.

Now that the unit filler is completed, all that’s left to do is the final stage of the basing, which I’ll do progressively over the next week or so (whenever the desire to play with snow hits me).  Meanwhile, I’ve decided it’s time to dedicate some time towards painting my Chosen.  Considering all the assembled members of the unit are already undercoated bronze (albeit pretty badly), a good chunk of the work has already been done for me.  All I’ll need to do is build up the colour of the armour before moving onto the best part – the fine detail work.  From there, I’ll see about building a unit filler to bulk out their numbers quickly while also finishing the wolves that already accompany the Champion.  Perhaps a slave or two to tie the unit in with my unit of Warriors that have already been completed...

Catch you all later



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    1. Thanks Mark, will keep plugging away at it. If everything goes to plan, I actually might have a fully painted army by September :)