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Sunday, June 3, 2012

WoC Update - Marauder Bases Finished!

As well as working on new and exciting models for my Warriors of Chaos, I've also spent some time adding snow to the recently completed Marauder unit and movement tray. For the most part, this is a mindless task that is at times frustrating and tedious , despite the fact that is makes the unit look awesome. Admittedly the smooth edges of the movement tray are the most labor intensive as they must be scored with a file / sandpaper to ensure the glue is able to take hold. Two layers of snow are sufficient to provide a solid coating of white that does not allow the colours underneath to bleed through (this can also be further enhanced by painting the first coat with a layer of white paint).

With the second unit of infantry completed, the army is beginning to take shape. With some effort and a little luck, this army may be ready in time for Trickster's Blade (hopefully). Only time and the liberal swish of the paintbrush will determine if I speak the truth on this matter, or if my words are merely boasting. Either way, here's a peek at my current WIP.

Catch you all later


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