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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mordheim Update – The Butchers of Bakers Quay

It’s been all hands on deck for the last couple of weeks as my hobby time has been divided amongst a plethora of projects spanning multiple game systems.  My interest in Fantasy has been revived after a couple of very entertaining games, encouraging me to focus more attention on getting my Warriors of Chaos army painted and based.  Additionally, I've been asked to participate in a Team Challenge that will pit six of our Kingaroy Players against the best and brightest of the Darling Downs Gaming Group (The Emperor alone knows why I was selected, perhaps they need a tea caddy?).  This has encouraged me to re-evaluate my Salamanders and reinvigorated my interest in getting my half-painted projects completed (Dreadnought anyone???).  

This has meant that my up and coming Possessed Warband hasn't been receiving the attention that is deserves.  Since my last article, I managed to finish painting the two Swordsmen I started for my Middenheimer / Norse Warband and also found some time to model a group of Darksouls I've recently brought into the fold – The Butchers of Bakers Quay (or just Butchers for Short).  These unfortunates were some of the hardest hit during the fall, finding themselves used as meat-puppets for the Daemonic forces that ran rife through the streets of the Mordheim.  This trio were a group of brothers who working as timber cutters near the district known as Bakers Quay.  As the comet struck, all three were possessed simultaneously, snatching up their two-handed axes and setting upon any an all unfortunates who crossed their path.  By the time they reached the Quay, they were coated in blood and gore; their axes slick with the blood of their friends and co-workers.  Then the slaughter really began.  In an orgy of daemonically fuelled violence, they cut their way into each building and dismembered everyone inside.  After the Daemons were forced to leave their hosts, the brothers continued their bloody work, lost in the dark and twisted maze of their insanity.

As can be seen above, the group of Henchmen have been modelled wearing soon-to-be Daemonic masks while wielding their signature two-handed axes.  In the case of one of them rolling ‘Lads’, I’ve given one of them a swanky Elven Axe head.  While not much use at the moment, once I give the would-be hero ‘Strongman’ and an Ithilmar weapon, he’ll be more than ready to terrorise the populace once more.  I’m hoping to run them in tandem with my ‘Crushers’ – Brethren armed with Hammer and Mace – Cutting down the big things (and any Str3 things with parry) with their Str 6 attacks while allowing the Heroes to follow through and mop up any survivors.  At a minimum cost of 50gc each though, it will be a couple of games until I can save enough coin up to field all the brothers at the same time.    That said, having to play several games of Mordheim so I can gain access to some awesome warriors is certainly no trial. 

Catch you all later


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