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Friday, June 29, 2012

Army Revelation: Why my Salamanders are no longer Space Wolves

Recently I've been questioning my decision to use my Salamander as a ‘counts-as’ Space Wolves. I'm not sure if it’s the fluff side of my shining through or if I'm just getting tired of being associated with ‘those people’. You all know the one or two of them, those who have a generic Space Marine army that jumps from Codex to Codex, capitalising on whatever the new hotness is at any given time. I'm not saying that there’s anything wrong with that from a legal standpoint, but it does seem to be a little unethical at times. It wasn't until I started preparing for a Kill-Team Tournament that Mark from Project Circle was organising (despite my keen desire to play, it was one I didn't get to attend), that I came to the realisation that I could no longer use my Salamanders as Space Wolves.

It’s true what they say that when one door closes, you notice the window that is slightly ajar. Upon coming to this realisation, I remembered the 30-odd Deathwatch Marines that are currently assembled and undercoated and sitting on one of my ‘To-Do’ shelves. These were built for the previous Space Marine Codex, the one that used the Trait System that allowed you to customise your Space Marine Chapter (a grand idea if you ask me), using the trait that gave all my Marines True Grit (back when that existed too). Since then they've been sitting on my shelf, gathering dust and remaining a very uninspiring Black (ironic really since the colour of their armour really isn't going to change much). I've decided that these guys are the perfect way for me to field a Space Wolves army without actually having to buy yet more marines. So without further ado, I give you... my Death-Wolves!!!!

Unfortunately the pic above is a little anti-climatic, considering the vast majority of them are still WIP. But on the upside, it does give me a brand new army to work on for the arrival of 6th Edition. Considering their highly customised load-out and the large concentration of Power Weapons within the 30-odd Marines, I'm considering a Logan-Wing build as a means of representing their 'Elite of the Elite' status which is fitting for the army. With that, I’m off to paint some more Deathwatch!

Catch you all later


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