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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TerrainTuesday - Aegis Defence Lines!

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So we're three weeks into the new year and I'm yet to actually start on a terrain project that is my own.  The upside though, is that my local club is finally getting some painted terrain that they can call their own.  Using the dusting process, I've been able to paint a decent amount of terrain to a relatively good standard in a stupidly short amount of time; which gives me hope for future projects that are my own.

This time around, I'm following up on my work on the Bastion by painting the Aegis Defence lines that go with them.  Same type of painting method as before, just on a smaller scale.  Have to admit, the application of grey was a little patchy in places, though I think that's due to painting a number of them at the same time.

With this lot completed, the vast amount of the club's Cities of Death terrain is now officially painted and sealed.  Being that I'm going to be away for the vast majority of the weekend, I'm not sure how well I'll go with next week's offering.

Catch you all later


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