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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Terrain Tuesday - Factory based and Fortified

Contrary to my previous post regarding the ineffectual use of spare time during my holidays, I have actually managed to be quite productive these last few days.  In a burst of sugar-fuelled terrain progress,  not only did I manage to base the Manufactorum, but I was also inspired enough to fortify the ground floor as well.  As per my usual basing process, I've used sand and PVA to create a durable base that will not only be easy to paint (i.e dry-brush) but is also hard-wearing and capable of enduring the rigours of gameplay.  And lets be honest here, if it can survive multiple games with my local opponents, it's damn-near indestructible.

While I was working on the base, I decided it would be a good idea to add some sand to the second level as well.  I mean, if you're going to get dirt all over the ground floor, some of it must make it to the upper floors right?  That is, unless you have a servitor whose sole function is to move through shattered buildings sweeping dirt etc off the upper levels only.  Hmmmm, might have to save that idea for a modelling project later down the road...

With the base sanded and sealed, I was pretty much ready to call it a day... until a flash of inspiration struck.  Gathering together a random collection of materials I've been collecting (white-out frames, pen components, even pieces from a double-sided tape dispenser!), I hobbled together a make-shift barricade before cementing it all in place with a generous serving of modelling paste and PVA.  As you can see, the finished product makes a very effective barricade that even an Ork would be impressed with.

With the barricade in place, I'm considering adding some extra details to the upper levels to simulate additional built-up of debris and detritus.  The modelling paste is great for quickly adding bulk to any surface (organic or otherwise) and I think I'll be using more of it in the future.

Catch you all later


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