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Friday, January 2, 2015

Hobby Update - Let the Heresy Commence!

During this past year I've been making a start on a new project - a Horus Heresy Era army. Now, when I say make a start, I really mean that I've read a whole bunch of unit breakdowns, all three HH Rulebooks and a swathe of Heresy fiction produced by the amazing authors of Black Library. On top of this, I've been trolling EBay for bargains and I have to say, I've not been disappointed. Much resin crack has been purchased for this project and now awaits the gentle caress of my paintbrush to bring it to life. As another exciting development, I've finally found a purpose for a number of models that have been sitting around in drawers collecting dust that I was struggling to get into my standard 40k army. The biggest question left to answer was - which Legion was I going to collect?

To be honest this decision was possibly the easiest one I've made so far with this project. To have the opportunity to recreate my beloved chapter in it's prime was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. With that decided I amassed my forces. Currently my fledgling Legion appears thus:

EBay purchases:
  1. 30 Tactical Marines (MkIV and Phobos Bolters)
  2. 10 Assault Marines (MkII)
  3. 3 Scimitar Jetbikes 
  4. 2 Apothecaries
  5. 5 Cataphractii Terminators
  6. 5 Assault Marines (MkV)
  7. 5 Heavy Support Marines (MkIV)
  8. Bits needed to build a Librarian in Terminator Armour
Minis I already owned:
  1. Legion Praetor
  2. Master of the Fleet model (to be used as a basis for a conversion for Lord Chaplain Nomus Rhy'tan)
  3. 3 Legion Dreadnoughts (Standard)
  4. Legion Chaplain in Terminator Armour
All up my force already comes to a respectable 2,200 points with much more to be added yet. At this stage I still don't possess much in the way of anti-tank properties and certainly have nothing that can deal with the Super-Heavies that I may encounter with larger games. Those are considerations I have reserved for a later time however. My primary concern at this stage is how I'm going to paint everything I already own...

Like my previous armies, I've decided to go for a 'slow and steady' approach, breaking up all my existing units into Demi Squads of 5 marines and painting each 'squad' to completion before moving into the next one. Current progress has been slow, however that was not unexpected as I am still waiting on various flim-flams and weathering powders (both of which I yet need to purchase). Once I have them however, very little will be able to stop my progress. 

A small group of the marines waiting to be painted.
As you can see, I've amassed a decent collection this far, which has consumed a great deal of 'credit' I obtained through the sale of some High Elves. Thankfully I was able to off-load a considerable number of minis to a couple of friends (no less than 105 in fact!!) allowing me to not only absorb the 70-odd 'bases' worth of marines (Jet-Bikes and Terminators count for 2), but also allowed me to increase my 'positive balance' that I had at the beginning of the year. My tally currently looks as such: 

Bases In: 110

Bases Out: 3

Bases Sold: 135

Total: +25 Bases (+17)

Catch you all later,


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