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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hobby Update - Mandatory New Year's post incoming

So as I sit here, I'm perusing my blog feed, catching up on the adventures and progression of a myraid of projects / undertakings from a vast swathe of gamers, painters and all-round awesome people and in the process I'm reading my fair share of 'New Year' posts and as a result I'm feeling inspired to improve my own offerings to the peoples of the Internet after a pretty dismal effort during 2014.  Last year was a travesty solely due to a lack of drive on my part to actually sit down and transform my poorly-written notes into something legible and when I did, I never found the time to take the pictures necessary to make the article more like something that has the potential for entertainment and not some giant wall of text (think I failed on that one anyway, but hey-ho, that's just the way it is I guess).  But that's what these types of articles are for really - granting everyone a clean slate, a fresh opportunity to transcribe a more positive future for oneself.

With all the goings-on that occurred over the past 12 months, there's precious few items that I had the opportunity to share with you all.  With the two posts I created in 2014 being terrain and painting related, there were a couple of things I didn't get around to mentioning to you all.  The first of these was in relation to my Chaos Warrior army and the desperate preparation work I completed prior to my local club's annual Fantasy Tournament - The Trickster's Blade.  For the most part, this preparation work consisted of applying the finishing touches of a bunch of models, getting their bases completed as well as getting said models sealed with a layer of matte varnish.  Most of the work was concentrated around getting my core troops that I painted for a previous incarnation of this same tournament fully completed and the movement trays magnetised.

On top of these bits and pieces, I also spent a bit of time painting up a new sorcerer for my army.  While my previous pet wizard was great for the theme of my army at the time, he didn't really fit as the primo magical bad-ass that he was made out to be.  Thankfully I had picked up one of the new plastic sorcerers that was purchased during the initial release of the WoC book kicking about in my gaming case demanding my attention.  A couple of painting sessions later and he was good to go.  Have to say I'm particularly happy with the blue robes and the blending on the face. Both were happy accidents which I will strive to reproduce in future works.

I also managed to complete some extra work on the BSB that has been carrying around a black banner for the better part of 4 years.  After years of exemplary service under the leadership of Archaon, he has finally been permitted to turn in his bland, undercoated banner in favour of one sporting the colours of his daemonic patron Tzeentch. With all the practice I've had painting blue over the years (I have a quasi-fetish for Space Marine Librarians)

As mentioned in my previous post, I've also been making some gradual progress on my HH Salamander Project, though much of that has been buying more models than I'll ever be able to paint over the course of 2015 (not that it's going to stop me trying of course, but it's always good to know what to expect over the next year or so).   Since my last article I've managed to purchase even more elements for this force, though at this stage, I may have to ease up on any more miniature purchases until I can actually get around to painting more of them.  It is fairly safe to say that as a result of this latest purchase, my positive balance I carried across from last year is officially tanked and I'll need to pull some pretty crazy shite to get it back into a positive balance.  Rest assured I'll be providing updates later on in the year (though not too late) once my big bag of resin arrives.

Once final thing I wanted to mention, I'm partway through running a three month 40K campaign that involves a number of players from my local gaming group.  It is called the Desolation of Epsilon 19 and I've included a link to the players pack here.  Maps for the missions outlined in the Players Pack can be found here.  As I write this, we are halfway through month 2 of the Campaign, with many of our regular players organising and playing sizable games with a wide range of scenarios (both book-based and player created).  Again this will be another topic that I will endeavour to provide updates on regularly.

(Well, I'm off to continue stripping badly painted resin models for my Heresy army.  Can't leave 'em in there too long otherwise they'll soften (I'll tell you more about that next time).

Catch you all later,


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