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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Campaign Update - The Desolation of Epsilon 19 continues

Pic blatantly thieved from the good people of Chimera Nottingham

As I briefly mentioned in the last article, I started a small 40K campaign during December last year called the Desolation of Epsilon 19.  While I have run a number of campaigns in the past revolving around the Vogen campaign pack that was released by Games Workshop sometime last century (I've never fully realised just how much fun it is to say that until now) centred around a map-based campaign for control of a major hive city.  The first of a series of articles relating to this campaign can be found here.  This time around however, I wanted something that would allow for more freedom for players, allowing them to play or not at their leisure without the worry of letting their team down.  This time it was to be a free-for-all as everyone desperately scrambles to claim controlling interest over the planet Epsilon 19.

The premise for this campaign is simple - Take multiple Crusade Fleets of 40,000 points, aim it at a planet in the throes of a Chaos uprising and give everyone 3 months to collect as many Campaign Points (CP's) as they can, while trying to cripple the military capability of their opponents.  From the outset I allowed the use of Heresy Era armies because, well, it's my campaign and I wanted to.  Besides, what's the point in having a Heresy army if I never use it?  Using the tried and true format that Forge World uses for all their latest Imperial Armour books as a basis, I cherry-picked a bunch of Heresy Era missions that I thought looked awesome and basically let people go nuts each month so long as they logged the results of their games on the Campaign's Facebook page (yes, the Campaign has a Facebook page and yes it makes everything sooo much easier).  Gotta give big props to Brodie over at Edible Putty for that one, he's done a number of events for various clubs using Facebook as an organisational platform and he successfully encouraged me to do the same.  If it wasn't for him, I don't think the campaign would be going nearly as well as it is.  His blog is coming along really well and I encourage everyone to click the link and check him out.

Thus far, we've a month and a half into the campaign and it seems to be shaping up pretty well.  People are playing regular games and really getting into the spirit of the campaign which is always great to see.  While I've managed to pull an overall win for the first month, the second month is still anyone's game.  No doubt I'll write up another summary at the end of Jan to set the stage for the final push for control of the planet.

Catch you all later,



  1. Thanks for the mention man! Also very glad to help out where I can. Never hurts to share around information and lessons learnt. I just hope to to actually earn some CP's at some point.

    1. Anytime mate! Always keen to promote other people's blogs where I can. You do good work, and I think other people should know about it.

      As for the campaign, feel free to log games you play in your local area if you want. I'm not about to let a small thing like geographical location prevent players from participating. I mean, what's the point running this thing using Social Media if you're choking the social aspect?