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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Salamander Update - First Heresy Marines done

Hey howdy all! I'm back again, though at this point, it's kinda getting to be a somewhat regular occurrence.  Perhaps this is a positive sign for things to come?  Let's hope so, because at this stage, I've got some painting progress to show you and I've got to admit I'm quite proud of my efforts.  Since I previously mentioned my initial foray into painting pre-heresy Salamanders, I've made quite a bit of progress (at least for me) in addition to learning a new technique or two to boot. When planning out this Heresy project, I wanted to do something a little different than my standard 'clean marines' I've produced in the past.  Inspired by the works over at 'A Galaxy In Flames', I decided that this time around I was going to try for something a little more gritty; something that would take me beyond my comfort zone and improve my painting skills in the process.

Behold!! A shining example of my 'Clean Marine' technique

As those of you who have frequented this site previously will know, much of my previous work has been all (mostly) clean lines and (relatively) crisp highlights.  As a result, everything looks like it just stepped off the Thunderhawk ready to go to war.  While there's nothing wrong with that in the slightest, I've always pictured Heresy-era marines to be a little more down-and-dirty, a bit darker than their future counterparts as they move from war-zone to war-zone, grinding any resistance to the Imperial Truth beneath a ceremite-clad boot.  This is an impression that is immeasurably reinforced by the artwork associated with the Horus Heresy

Suitably inspired, I decided to try out some weathering techniques for myself.  First thing I noticed was there is there are a significant number of techniques that are used by a multitude of people, all of which give you a different effect depending on the type of surface you're weathering, what's causing the weathering to occur and how much of it you want to demonstrate on the model.  Other sites provide essential information on where you should apply weathering and most importantly why you're applying weathering effects in this location.  The following are a list of sites that I found to be super helpful and whom I believe deserve recognition for being generally amazing hobbyists:

  1. MiniWargaming - How to paint chipped armour / battle damage
  2. The Brush Brothers - Yellow-grey Marine - some step by step pics
  3. From the Warp - Why you apply battle damage to certain  places
  4. A Galaxy in Flames - Weathering and Battle Damage on Infantry
After looking over all the techniques, I chose the more obvious (and possibly less realistic) method described by MiniWargaming for a couple of reasons -
  1. I wanted an army to 'pop' a bit due to the darker armour
  2. It seemed like the easier / faster process
  3. I liked the effect it gave - damaged but not too damaged. 
I also experimented with weathering powders for the first time.  Originally I intended to purchase powders from Secret Weapon Miniatures or even Tabletop Empires, however in a quirk of fate, I discovered a rack of pastel chalks at my local newsagent and the idea clicked that I could make my own.  So I picked up some chalk, pounded it with a mincing hammer (flat side though, at least after the first swing) and POW!! Weathering powders!!

Top tips for weathering powders - make sure you pick up a 'fixative' for your weathering powder as they are essential to making sure your powders stay where you put them.  Something that is designed to seal charcoal / pencil drawings is perfect especially if you can get one with a pump top like a water spritz bottle - it will ensure the powder isn't blown away from the aerosol pressure contained in a proper pressurised can.  

With these five done, I can happily add another five bases going 'out' which is doubly exciting because I'm finally getting models painted for my army.  With this demi-squad done, I'm going to reward myself with something exciting until the Forge World shoulderpads I need to finish the army are delivers and then it's back to painting tactical marines again. 

Bases In: 110

Bases Out: 8

Bases Sold: 135

Total: +30 Bases

Catch you all later,


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