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Monday, June 30, 2014

Blog Update: Coming out of my Hobby Coma

So by my calculations, it's been a while since my last blog post.... Turns out I'd fallen into a moderate hobby-coma for a while there.  But I'm back again and have been getting back into the hobby I love in a fairly big way.

As is customary, I wanted to try out a new system for managing project out-put while minimising the potential for creating an insurmountable backlog of work, the likes of which I'd probably never recover from.  To this end I'll be using a system of my own design - a modified program using the classic 'number of bases painted' tracking system as it's basis.  The concept is simple - Maximise the number of 'bases' that are painted and sold while ensuring it always exceeds the number of 'bases ' coming in.  For example, I've recently purchased a new force of Space Marines for an upcoming project consisting of 40-odd infantry sized (read: 25mm) models were purchased equating to 40 bases coming 'in'.  As each of these minis are painted they will be tallied as going 'out'; as will any existing minis that are painted during the year.  Minis that are sold will also be considered going 'out' but will be recorded in a separate section.  By a stroke of good fortune, I've recently sold a number of my old High Elf archers (about 30 as fate would have it), allowing me to balance out my mini purchases somewhat.  So long as I've got more models going 'out' I'm going to consider this system a success.

As a practical demonstration, lets see how the current table will look:

Bases In: 40
Bases Out: 2
Bases Sold: 30
Total: +8 Bases

Hopefully this will be a more inspirational progress tally than the one's I've worked with previously as it provides a clearer vision of how each of my projects are progressing (hopefully).

Rightio then, I'm off again, these models won't paint themselves.

Catch you all later,


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