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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#TerrainTuesday: Climbing to the top of the Hill

This hill was provided by the fine people at Scenic Miniatures
used without permission

After getting the houses finished, I decided to pend some time getting one of my easier terrain projects for my snow table finished.  Originally I sourced the hill from Scenic Miniatures about 2 years ago for use in my games of Warhammer Fantasy and Warmahordes.  At the time however, the hill was coloured with green flock, making it unsuitable for the snow theme my bases were designed around.  This meant that a couple of changes were necessary....

The hill was first repainted with a shade of grey that is quickly becoming my standard basecoat colour for "natural" terrain projects.  Successive highlights were then applied using Codex and Fortress Grey before giving the 'non-rocky' areas a coating of skull white.  Once this was completed, it was time to add the snow.

Part of my 'High Visibility' Table

Snow was added using my more traditional method, painting on a layer of PVA glue before sprinkling snow onto the glued areas.  Once the first layer was dry I painted the snow with a layer of white paint before repeating the gluing and flocking process to achieve a solid covering of snow.  Once the second layer was complete, I coated the snow flock with a layer of hairspray to keep everything in place while I sealed it all with a coating of watered-down PVA glue.

With the hill now completed, I'm free to move onto a project I originally started a few weeks back but never got finished; but before I close, lets look at how the resolution tracker is progressing:

Pieces of 40K Terrain Painted: 5
Pieces of Fantasy Terrain Painted: 3

Obligatory Group Shot :p

Catch you all later,


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