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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

TerrainTuesday - Rocky Outcrop

Borrowed from
Continuing my work on terrain for my gaming tables, I've started a small side project - a rocky outcropping. Made from random off-cuts of foam, I'm not sure yet if it will be for my 40K table or my Fantasy one.  Truth be told, it doesn't really matter which, as I've got more than  enough foam yet for a second one.

A small collection of a much larger supply line....

Once again, I've gotten a bit over-zealous during the build stage and have forgotten to take WIP shots getting it to this stage.  After getting the basic shapes in place, I've shaped the rocks to add an element of weathering before filling the larger gaps with a mix of filler and sprue 'rubble' rocks and gravel have also been added to various areas as well as the base.  Next on the agenda is to get a basecoat on the base before I start the painting process.

Catch you all later,


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