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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hobby Update - New models for my army

While there's no doubt I've been making great progress on a number of projects, I thought I'd take the time to task about some of my recent hobby purchases.  These are important to track, especially if I want to paint more than I buy this year.

These are unusual purchase for me considering I only possess a total of 21 Eldar in my entire collection.  The Warlock was going cheap on Ebay and I thought it would be a good addition to my allied force; especially in larger games.  Coincidentally he's also my first fine-cast kit and I'm happy to say that apart from the sword being a little bent, he is remarkably free of holes and other imperfections.  The Wave Serpent is another not auction buy that I picked up with the intention of transforming it into a terrain piece.  This will (hopefully) be a thematic piece that assists me in explaining why the Eldar have allied themselves with my Salamanders.  While it was bought pre-painted, I'll be repainting it to match the colours of my chosen Craftworld - Iyanden.

On the fantasy side of things, my warriors have received an influx of new troops in the form of 10 Chaos Knights and 3 Skullcrushers.  These were bought from an Ebay Store called Discount Games Store.  These guys are constantly helping out Aussie Wargamers by consistently providing GW Kits at an im[ressive discount, though buyers should note that items are sold 'new on sprue' not 'new in box'.  Another thing to note is that apparently these guys are not affected by the new GW Trade Agreement, allowing you to indulge your consumeristic needs all year round.

With these updates in place, my resolution tracker looks a little like this -

Miniatures Purchased: 36 (+15)
Miniatures Painted: 6
Points of Painted Warriors: 105 pts
Points of Painted Salamanders: 0 pts
Pieces of 40K Terrain Painted: 5
Pieces of Fantasy Terrain Painted: 0

Catch you all later,


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