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Saturday, May 4, 2013

WoC Update - Waiting on Command

Remember these guys??

These past few weeks have been a little slow on the painting front - my drive to paint has sadly diminished after the light-speed pace I set earlier in the year, returning to a more familiar setting.  While I'm disappointed my output has dropped, I'm glad the desire to paint didn't abandon me entirely.

After w week and a bit of small painting sessions, I was able to finally complete the last outstanding rank and file model.  With him done and dusted, I've started working on the unit's musician, a lively fellow armed with a mace and double-flanged horn (at least as lively as you can get for a desiccated corpse-like Warrior of Chaos anyway).

With the last warrior done and one of the command group completed, there are only 3 models left before the unit is ready for basing.  Meanwhile, my resolution tracker has earned another update

Miniatures Purchased: 36
Miniatures Painted: 14
Points of Painted Warriors: 276pts

Catch you all later,



  1. Haha I think we can all relate to the Miniatures purchased > Miniatures painted each year.

    Can't wait to see the completed unit, loving how it is shaping up.

  2. Hey Scotty, thanks for reading mate. Yeah, this year is looking like it's going to be hell on my wallet. Already I've got more updates for the 'Miniatures Purchased' section, thankfully I should be able to counter that by painting a couple more minis.