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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#TerrainTuesday - Rocky Outcropping Completed

This last fortnight has been a mixed bag for me, with much of my time being spent being distracted by the zombie-smashing horror sand-box that is Island of the Dead: Riptide.  Despite it's incessant siren-song, I've actually managed to make great progress on my latest terrain project.  So much progress in fact, that I've actually managed to get it finished.

Warning: Will seriously inhibit your hobby...

With three layers of paint, PVA, hairspray and snow flock applied in the same method as my previous hill project, I can now happily say that the rocky outcrop is now officially completed, ready to take to my soon-to-be-painted gaming table.  But more on the table later.  For right now I'm going to spend a little time planning out yet another terrain project that will expand my ever-growing collection.  With this done, my resolution tracker looks a little like this:

Miniatures Purchased: 36
Miniatures Painted: 16
Pieces of Fantasy Terrain Painted: 4

Catch you all later,


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