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Friday, May 17, 2013

Legion Update - Re-awakening the Dragon

For those who remember my blog back when it first began, I started a fairly short-lived army project associated with the Privateer Press game Warmachine / Hordes.  After a brief 6 months or so, I grew tired of the game and shelved it, convinced I would never again return to the Iron Kingdoms.  Life is funny though and two years down the line I find myself painting one of my shelved Legion of Everblight models and something unforeseen happened...

... I found myself playing again.  This time with a better understanding of teh game and more realistic expectations of what I wanted from the game.  So when a mate of mine offered to go halves in the 2-player boxed set pictured above, I leaped at the chance.

Now I've signed up to participate on a 'slow-grow' Journeyman's League - determined to fight, paint and generally wrangle my way to the top of the ladder, all because of one giant mouth on legs..... and his winged cousin.

With these two done, we've got an update to make.

Miniatures Purchased: 36
Miniatures Painted: 16
Points of Painted Legion: 4

Catch you all later,


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