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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Salamander Update - The Battle for Vogen Begins!

Last weekend saw the beginning of our latest campaign - The Battle for Vogen.  Originally a campaign created by the GW crew for the release of Codex: Cityfight, it was a map-based free-for-all which pitted brother against brother in a bloody conflict within the ravaged confines of an Imperial City.

This year will see gamers from Kingaroy Wargamers and (hopefully) Darling Downs Gamers Club take up arms to assist their faction in the domination of this twice-burned capital city. Each player in the campaign has been allocated a position in either the Forces of Order or the Forces of Disorder, with each faction led by a Warlord whose task is to direct their limited resources to bear on areas that they believe are of vital importance to their war effort.  Fear not noble read, I shall soon reveal the identities of these two Lords of War, but for now, their identities must remain secret.

After selecting the starting points for each faction (GREEN Pins for the Forces of Order and RED pins for the Forces of Disorder), the following orders were issued:

Forces of Disorder - Captured Territory and Target Areas
Forces of Orders - Captured Territory and Target Areas
Campaign Progressed will not only be tracked through this blog, but will be tracked on the Kingaroy Wargamers website.  For those who are interested in seeing how the campaign operates, I've provided links to the Players Pack, Special Location Information, and Cities of Death Mission Updates for your perusal.

Catch you all later


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