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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Salamander Update - Why is the Foamcore always gone??

Over the past couple of days, progress on the Hab-block as continued, though at a slightly slower rate due to the prep-work I've needed to to to launch a new 40K Campaign at out local club.  It's a map-based team event that pits groups of players not only against each other but also against the map itself.  The link for the document is included here if you want to check it out.

Now, onto all the pretty pictures.  As I mentioned before, progress on the Hab-block has been a little slower these past few days, which delayed the unfortunate realisation that I've pretty much burnt through my entire stockpile of Foamcore.  Adding to this dismay is the fact that the local $2 Show that stocked said foamcore (for a low low price of $1.25 per A4 sheet), no longer stocks the product and lacks a suitable substitute.  Such a blow was severe for morale which continued to dwindle as I scoured the other 4 El-cheapo stores that inhabit our local area to no result.  I managed to find a wonderful stockist near-by by the name of FoamBoards, a company that does a wide range of Foamcore products which is a marvel to behold.  Needless to say, my shortage is now a non-issue and I'll be rebuilding my stock in the very near future.

So this is where we last left off with the project:

This is the progress I've made:

With the top of the building glued down, it's time for the edging and battle damage for that section.  Hopefully  if I focus on getting each section finished before I move onto the next, I can reduce my rate of foamcore consumption while ensuring I get all the details I want fitted and in place.

Catch you all later



  1. Definitely looking good, at the risk of incriminating myself I may, or may not, have purchased the last of the foamcore from the local $2 establishment.

    1. Ah-ha! Good to see a fellow gamer was the one to snaffle the last of the foamcore :-). Out of curiosity, when did you make the purchase? I ask because I live in constant fear that our friendly local foamcore stockist (that's all they are to me anyway)has stopped stocking and will never get more again.

      Might be that I'm a little paranoid lol.