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Friday, February 3, 2012

WoC Update - Chosen Warrior raising the Standard

Due to some bittersweet changes that have occurred in my personal life at the moment, I've been finding I have some extra time that I can dedicate to painting miniatures during the week.  As a result, I've been able to dedicate some time towards painting a mini for my Warriors of Chaos army. 

This model is a perfect example of my ability to procrastinate when approaching the end of a project.  For the longest time, this miniature has sat on my desk in a state of completion with the sole exception for his left arm.  After finally getting focused and getting the standard undercoated, I’ve been able to progressively add the base-coats as well as several stages of highlights over only a couple of short painting sessions.  Like the previous standard using this icon, the horns have been one of the most difficult areas to paint, with their ribbed texture being surprisingly resilient to drybrushing.  

Finally, I’ve also been working on getting one of my Blood Claws for my Space Wolf Army painted and ready to go.  Currently, I’m finding it difficult to include a unit of them in my army at 1500 points, purely because they also require a Wolf Priest to give them Preferred Enemy to counteract their WS3.  Still, I’ve got a soft spot for them and I can always run them as an Assault Squad sans Jump-packs if I’m playing the Vanilla Marine Codex. 

Catch you all later


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