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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Salamander Update – Blood Claw revisited

Now that my desire to play 40K has been revived, I’ve decided that I’m going to focus on completing all the units / projects that I’ve already started, but has never gotten around to finishing.  This will mean that not only will I be able to add more painted models to my army; I’ll be constantly adding viable unit choices to the list, allowing me to play larger games with a fully painted army. 

To that end, I’ve started working on completing the unit of Blood Claws that I built and base-coated last year.  Thus far I’ve managed to paint a several members of the unit, though there are still plenty more to get to.  With a maximum unit size of 15 and several potential weapon options, there’s still plenty left to do for this unit.

For the moment however, I’ll just have to be content with finishing another 2 members of the unit.  With these two fellows now finished, I think I’ll lend my hand to a couple of conversions that will allow me to add a Plasma Pistol and some rending to the unit itself.  That said I’ve included below a picture of my next WIP project that I’m working on, though it may be a little anti-climatic considering all that has come before it. 

Catch you all later


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