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Thursday, October 20, 2011

WoC Update: More Tzeentch Marauders

In what seems like an endless struggle, I’ve also been working on my ever-present unit of Tzeentch Marauders, slowly adding blue to each and every one of the 20 already-painted models while also continuing to paint the 16 undercoated models that refuse to leave my painting area and move into the area of my hobby desk that is reserved for half-completed projects like my Marauder Horsemen.  While achingly slow, progress is being made, with  all of the older models repainted and another couple of models completed, and added to the rearmost ranks.  Below I've included pics of both the Marauders that I’ve recently finished painting and the unit’s current state of completion as a whole.

As always, C&C is welcome.

Catch you all later


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