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Friday, October 28, 2011

Campaign Update: More Map Tiles Completed

With time rapidly running out until the Norsca in Flames campaign begins, I’ve been pulling out all the stops in order to get the map painted in time.  Considering the relative simplicity of these tiles, they are the perfect to work on while watching TV; especially since the pallet is limited to three major colours and a Badab Black wash.  Snot green is used for fields, Dark Angels Green for Forests and Deneb Stone for the edges.  A small amount of Scorched Brown is used for the Fields, Macharius Orange for the farm houses and a combination of Enchanted and Regal Blue is used for the water features.  All in all it’s a case of Drybrushing the fields and layering paint on the rest before washing the entire surface of the time with Badab Black.  Once dried, the fields a given another coat of Snot Green and the tile is done.  At this point I need to tip my hat to Mark from Project Circle as he was a great help earlier this week, helping me get the map another step closer to being finished.  Thanks to him all the rivers have been painted blue and are ready for a highlight.  

As can be seen in the picture below, the fully painted sections of map are looking quite spectacular.  At this point, I’ve gotten about half the map finished, with only a couple of days left to go before the campaign starts.  While the map won’t be finished before the start date, it will only take another week or two to finish the rest of the tiles.  Until that time however, I’ve still got my army banner to create.  

Catch you all later


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