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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pack your Spears and Grab Your Rears – We’re going to Norsca!

It’s said that change is as good as a holiday. If that’s the case, then sending my army to holiday in Sunny Norsca must be as good as a change.  As a way to shake things up a bit, I’ve decided to run a Warhammer Fantasy Campaign for my Local Gaming Group the Kingaroy Wargamers (which now has a new site by the way) that has a bit of a twist.  I’ve decided to move away from the stock standard ‘Chaos Invades the Empire’ routine and have the Empire invade the North. 

I’m hoping that Starkey, our gaming club’s resident speed-painter and premiere Empire General will spearhead this invasion, forcing my Chaos Army to defend against such an uncharacteristically aggressive move; fighting to push back not only the forces of the Empire, but also those races who are also drawn to the conflict either in search of riches and glory or purely for the fun of waging war.  Thus far, I’m confident there will be at least one Ogre player interested in playing the campaign, which is exciting as I’m yet to face the new Ogre book and have harboured a secret love for those hulking monstrous infantry.  So much so, that with the release of their new kits, I’ll be looking into ways of incorporating them into my Warriors of Chaos Army.  I’ve got a couple of ideas involving the new Thundertusk, Mournfang Cav and the Cannon of the Sky Titan kits and once I have some cash put together, I’ll work on making those ideas a reality.  

The mechanics of this campaign will centre around a map created using the ‘Mighty Empires’ tiles (WIP Pic included above) and a campaign pack that I’ve written using ideas and components pulled from the ‘Generals Compendium’.  As a resource goes, this is invaluable for players that are really into creating and running campaigns as it provides you with ideas and concepts that make your event as simple or as complex as you want.  Rules for scouting, baggage trains, running sieges and sacking cities; these are but a minute sample of what can be achieved when using the ‘Generals Compendium’.  My campaign will be using the resource system that is detailed in the book, providing players with the means to expand their Empire, strengthen their armies and generally reinforce tiles that have already been captured.  All in all, this is shaping up to be a very fun event, should we get a decent number of players involved.  I’d personally like to see at least two other players apart from myself involved as this will provide a bit of variety, while encouraging more terrain building for things such as fortresses, towns etc.   

If I’m lucky, this event will be just the thing I need to break the back of my 2000 point army.  In its current form, I’ll need to finish my Marauders; a unit of Khorne Warriors, some Marauder Horsemen and another unit of Hounds and the entire army will be fully painted.  Having a fully painted 2000 point army was one of the goals I made at the beginning of the year and if I’m able to reach that goal, then I’ll be a very happy man.  I’ll be sure to provide updates at the campaign draws nearer and miniatures are completed.  The other upside is that a campaign such as this will provide a perfect opportunity for my army’s fluff to develop as Romulus Ironwolf once again musters for war.  Alliances will be made and broken and the favour of the Northern Gods will be bestowed upon all those who please them (whether they want it or not). 

Catch you all later



  1. I am primed and ready to go with my Ogres and am looking forward to rampaging my way across Norsca.

  2. Lol, and rampage I'm sure you will. Your capital city and Army Banner are both looking very very sexy by the way. Looks like I'm going to have to get creative with mine :-)