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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

BMG Update: Sidekick Pre-Season Training Session

Hey there everyone!! After a brief absence, I'm back behind the keyboard, once again intent on bringing you updates of my hobby projects and stories of my gaming adventures.  As might be fitting for my return, this article intends to do a bit of both...

As some of you might know, Knight Models (the company that produces the Batman Miniature Game) currently supports a rep program that they call the Sidekick Program (previously known as the Sons of Batman or SoB's for short).  While the initial intake for the program was limited, they recently announced they would be running a second round of applications in addition to the above name-change.  Since getting into the game, I have become quite taken with it (some of my local opponents might say obsessed) and felt that having someone in the area who had some official backing would help build a player base not only in my local area, but in other gaming communities as well.  With that in mind, I put in my application.  Turns out I was successful.  As of yesterday, I am officially part of the Sidekick program which is both incredibly exciting and utterly mind boggling in it's potential scope.  How will this affect my gaming going forward? If I'm honest, I don't know.  At this stage, I'll be continuing to promote the game both in my local gaming area, as well as doing anything I can to help out the communities in other parts of South East Queensland, particularly the fledgling group that has been started recently in Toowoomba - which brings us neatly into the core of my article today.

On the 17th of September, Nath from Schrödinger’s Paintbrush and I made the trip down to Battlestation in Toowoomba for a learn-to-play event that we’d organised with local store manager Dave.  Thanks to the combined efforts of myself, Dave and local hobby guru JD, we’d managed to recruit a healthy 6 players who were keen to take to the streets of Gotham and get some first hand experience of how the game plays.  With two tables at our disposal and so many players eager for a game, there really was only one outcome – multiplayer team battles!  Modifying one of the standard scenarios, each player had 200 rep (or something close to) and two objectives a piece.  We decided to omit the use of strategies to make the game simpler.  With three prospective players per table (with ages ranging young to not-quite-young), Nathan ran the game on table 1 and I took table 2. 

Once the games were done it was time for prizes! JD had generously purchased a Trophy Pack for the day to give away so everyone got a little something to take home.  All in all, the day seemed to go really well.  Everyone I spoke to seemed to have a good day, though one of the players on my table was using the League of Shadows starter crew and facing off against Ra’s al Neeson is always a really tough intro into the game.  I want to take the moment to express my profound thanks to Battlestation, JD and everyone who attended the day.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you and getting the opportunity to teach you a game that I dearly love was awesome without a doubt.  I wanted to also thank Nath for taking time out of his weekend to travel with me and help run games.  Without your help, I don’t think this day would have been anywhere near as successful.  If you like what you see on my blog, I encourage you all to head over to Nath’s own corner of the internet – Schrodinger’s Paintbrush and check it out.  I know I've already mentioned it earlier, but I feel that it's important that we bloggers look out for each other and promote the sites we love to read.  He’s only just started, but he’s got plenty of content that he’s keen to write about, including his latest article about this very adventure.. 

Nath and 5 of the players from the day.

Catch you all later,