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Saturday, June 3, 2017

BMG: Playing Catch-up (Pt. 1)

Hey all!  Long time no see eh?  There’s been a lot of things going on hobby-wise for us here at the Triple Helix Project, so much that I’m kinda at a loss about where to begin.  As a means of making things easy, I’ve decided to start by doing a couple of write-ups about the various events that I’ve been a part of / run over the last few months which will no doubt take a couple of articles to do.  At the last count, I’ve been a part of at least 6 events (4 of which are Batman related), all of which deserve a decent showing I feel.  So feel free to grab some popcorn, put on some relaxing mood music and let’s just jump right in...

The first write-up out of the gate will involve a pair of events – one that was held in late October and the second at the beginning in November.  These were both team-based narrative events where players were either helping Scarecrow or working against him.  Each event was 3 rounds, with the winners being determined using the Batmatch Tournament System provided by Knight Models.   Despite the initial groundswell of support from a number of areas, things didn’t quite work to plan, with many of the players being unable to make the first event.  Undeterred, we played on, with all 3 of us playing 2 games a piece.  As usual, I channelled my inner Bane, determined to make full use of my Venom-Addict List despite some fairly ineffectual practice games.  My list at both events was as follows:

DKR Bane

Free Agents:
Copperhead (Venom Factory)

Dallas (NVG’s and Extra Mag)
Smash (Venom Dose, Titan and Injector)
Venom Thug (Injector and Venom Dose)

Due to the reduced numbers, we used three of the tables we had available – an Industrial Table, a Commercial Table and a Residential Sector.

Industrial Table

Residential Table

Commercial Table

First round of the tournament, I took the bye to allow the other two players to have at each other.  Nath was pushing the scarecrow angle and was determined to see his Scarecrow Crew claim victory while his brother Kev had brought a Batman crew lead by Cyborg (gotta love the RoboCop lists).  Despite a furious battle on both sides, the result was a tie (which would make things very interesting since Bane was taking the neutral position and was aiming to kick everyone’s butt).

Kev vs Nath

My first game of the day was against Nathan and his Scarecrow list.  Sporting a list full of angry Private Security Force types armed with guns and determined to do Bane harm, I was prepared for a challenging game... which is exactly what I got.  Scarecrow and his crew pushed forward hard in an attempt to take the neutral objectives early while I also pushed forward to engage as fast as I possibly could, figuring they can’t shoot me if I’m punching them in the face.

As the lines came together, the Mercs were able to get a stranglehold on their professional counterparts and carry the day to victory.  Sadly due to the amount of time that’s passed, my ability to recall the specifics are sadly lacking at this point, however more details will be forthcoming as we get closer to the present.

Nath vs Trev
Round 2 saw Nath with the bye as Kev and I squared off.  It was a hard fought game with Kev pulling out a minor win.  Having to deal with Cyborg, Azrael, Hawkgirl and a bunch of cops forced my crew to work a lot harder than they would have liked to but in the end we had a great game with some great thematic moments as we fought in and around the industrial table.

Kev vs Trev

After the smoke had cleared and the points were tallied, it was pretty clear that Kev had carried the day with a tie and a win and rightfully claimed his prize.  For the moment, Gotham was safe, and the machinations of Scarecrow were thwarted, if only for the moment.

Catch you all in part 2.