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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Batman Update: Raising Gotham

With my efforts in painting miniatures bearing considerable fruit, it was time to get started on building an actual gaming table to play on.  BMG runs an unusual table size (at least unusual for me) of 90cm x 90cm which is a bit of a departure from the old 4’ x 4’ table I’m used to playing on with GW games or Wrath of Kings.  Armed with this knowledge, I set out designing a gaming table that would allow me to bring Gotham City to life...

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Batman Update: A League of our own

Stolen from

With the local enthusiasm for Batman at an all time high, I wanted to organise an event for the local gamers to encourage them to get involved and immerse themselves in the hobby.  The aim of this was two-fold – to encourage those sitting on the fence to jump in and have a go and to assist those participating in the event to build their armies and learn how to play the game.  The question remained however, what was the best way to help everyone get involved?  The answer was simple – organise an escalation league for the local club.  League are one of those wonderfully engaging events that combine the best part of all the aspects of the hobby and smashes them together to create something truly magical.  Unfortunately Knight Models does not currently possess a readily available league pack so I needed to make my own (roughly translated: I stole a bunch of ideas much more creative than I and moulded them to fit the BMG system.