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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Salamanders Update - Accessories are your friend!! (a sequel)

Hey-ho all, just a short article today (though short is a relative term at this blog) about a line of 3rd party bits that I've found to be really useful while working on my Salamanders.  While there are two distinct companies I'm using at the moment, I thought I'd just focus on one for starters.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Salamander Update - First Heresy Marines done

Hey howdy all! I'm back again, though at this point, it's kinda getting to be a somewhat regular occurrence.  Perhaps this is a positive sign for things to come?  Let's hope so, because at this stage, I've got some painting progress to show you and I've got to admit I'm quite proud of my efforts.  Since I previously mentioned my initial foray into painting pre-heresy Salamanders, I've made quite a bit of progress (at least for me) in addition to learning a new technique or two to boot. When planning out this Heresy project, I wanted to do something a little different than my standard 'clean marines' I've produced in the past.  Inspired by the works over at 'A Galaxy In Flames', I decided that this time around I was going to try for something a little more gritty; something that would take me beyond my comfort zone and improve my painting skills in the process.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Campaign Update - The Desolation of Epsilon 19 continues

Pic blatantly thieved from the good people of Chimera Nottingham

As I briefly mentioned in the last article, I started a small 40K campaign during December last year called the Desolation of Epsilon 19.  While I have run a number of campaigns in the past revolving around the Vogen campaign pack that was released by Games Workshop sometime last century (I've never fully realised just how much fun it is to say that until now) centred around a map-based campaign for control of a major hive city.  The first of a series of articles relating to this campaign can be found here.  This time around however, I wanted something that would allow for more freedom for players, allowing them to play or not at their leisure without the worry of letting their team down.  This time it was to be a free-for-all as everyone desperately scrambles to claim controlling interest over the planet Epsilon 19.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hobby Update - Mandatory New Year's post incoming

So as I sit here, I'm perusing my blog feed, catching up on the adventures and progression of a myraid of projects / undertakings from a vast swathe of gamers, painters and all-round awesome people and in the process I'm reading my fair share of 'New Year' posts and as a result I'm feeling inspired to improve my own offerings to the peoples of the Internet after a pretty dismal effort during 2014.  Last year was a travesty solely due to a lack of drive on my part to actually sit down and transform my poorly-written notes into something legible and when I did, I never found the time to take the pictures necessary to make the article more like something that has the potential for entertainment and not some giant wall of text (think I failed on that one anyway, but hey-ho, that's just the way it is I guess).  But that's what these types of articles are for really - granting everyone a clean slate, a fresh opportunity to transcribe a more positive future for oneself.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Hobby Update - Let the Heresy Commence!

During this past year I've been making a start on a new project - a Horus Heresy Era army. Now, when I say make a start, I really mean that I've read a whole bunch of unit breakdowns, all three HH Rulebooks and a swathe of Heresy fiction produced by the amazing authors of Black Library. On top of this, I've been trolling EBay for bargains and I have to say, I've not been disappointed. Much resin crack has been purchased for this project and now awaits the gentle caress of my paintbrush to bring it to life. As another exciting development, I've finally found a purpose for a number of models that have been sitting around in drawers collecting dust that I was struggling to get into my standard 40k army. The biggest question left to answer was - which Legion was I going to collect?