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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Salamander Update - The Battle for Vogen Begins!

Last weekend saw the beginning of our latest campaign - The Battle for Vogen.  Originally a campaign created by the GW crew for the release of Codex: Cityfight, it was a map-based free-for-all which pitted brother against brother in a bloody conflict within the ravaged confines of an Imperial City.

This year will see gamers from Kingaroy Wargamers and (hopefully) Darling Downs Gamers Club take up arms to assist their faction in the domination of this twice-burned capital city. Each player in the campaign has been allocated a position in either the Forces of Order or the Forces of Disorder, with each faction led by a Warlord whose task is to direct their limited resources to bear on areas that they believe are of vital importance to their war effort.  Fear not noble read, I shall soon reveal the identities of these two Lords of War, but for now, their identities must remain secret.

After selecting the starting points for each faction (GREEN Pins for the Forces of Order and RED pins for the Forces of Disorder), the following orders were issued:

Forces of Disorder - Captured Territory and Target Areas
Forces of Orders - Captured Territory and Target Areas
Campaign Progressed will not only be tracked through this blog, but will be tracked on the Kingaroy Wargamers website.  For those who are interested in seeing how the campaign operates, I've provided links to the Players Pack, Special Location Information, and Cities of Death Mission Updates for your perusal.

Catch you all later


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Salamander Update - Why is the Foamcore always gone??

Over the past couple of days, progress on the Hab-block as continued, though at a slightly slower rate due to the prep-work I've needed to to to launch a new 40K Campaign at out local club.  It's a map-based team event that pits groups of players not only against each other but also against the map itself.  The link for the document is included here if you want to check it out.

Now, onto all the pretty pictures.  As I mentioned before, progress on the Hab-block has been a little slower these past few days, which delayed the unfortunate realisation that I've pretty much burnt through my entire stockpile of Foamcore.  Adding to this dismay is the fact that the local $2 Show that stocked said foamcore (for a low low price of $1.25 per A4 sheet), no longer stocks the product and lacks a suitable substitute.  Such a blow was severe for morale which continued to dwindle as I scoured the other 4 El-cheapo stores that inhabit our local area to no result.  I managed to find a wonderful stockist near-by by the name of FoamBoards, a company that does a wide range of Foamcore products which is a marvel to behold.  Needless to say, my shortage is now a non-issue and I'll be rebuilding my stock in the very near future.

So this is where we last left off with the project:

This is the progress I've made:

With the top of the building glued down, it's time for the edging and battle damage for that section.  Hopefully  if I focus on getting each section finished before I move onto the next, I can reduce my rate of foamcore consumption while ensuring I get all the details I want fitted and in place.

Catch you all later


Monday, October 15, 2012

Salamander Update - Hab-Blocks for Humanity

Wars within cities are a brutal affair.  Both sides struggle for superiority while the beleaguered populous cower for their very lives.  While GW does a stellar job creating highly detailed buildings for a range of key buildings, but what about the small-folk?  Where are their buildings?  This project intends to put right such an unfortunate oversight, designing and creating ruined hab-buildings that the unseen masses would have called home (and may do so again provided they survive the conflict).

To ensure these building can be recreated, I made templates using thick cardboard whose designs were transferred into foamcore.  This first building will be part of a larger modular structure which will be expanded as time goes on.  The modular nature of this design ensures a variety of combinations can be created, making each game different from the one before.

With the main structure built and glued to its base, I'm free to start on the details that will firmly entrench this building in the 41st Millennium.  Hopefully I'll be able to get this done within the next week so that the basing process can begin.

Catch you all later


Thursday, October 4, 2012

WoC Update - Tricksters Blade Results

Last Sunday (29th September) saw Mark from Project Circle don his Tournament Organisers cap to host the Tricksters Blade - our annual Warhammer Fantasy Tournament.  This year's event was made even more exciting for me due to the fact that many of the players who had registered for the tournament were travelling significant distances from areas outside the South Burnett which in turn would bring not only different play-styles to the table, but would introduce a swathe of new armies for me to ogle over and possibly provide ideas that I could steal for my own Chaos Army.  The day's timetable consisted of 3 three rounds using the following scenarios - Watchtower Pass (a combination of Watchtower and Battle for the Pass), Blood and Glory and finally Pitched Battle.  By the end of the third game, the results looked like this:

Overall, I can honestly say that I played three fun games with three really great opponents.  While things never really went according to plan, I felt as though the day was still well spent.  Thanks must go to Jonathan Seth, Aaron Holland and Andrew Frost for bring great opponents and embracing my loud and boisterous nature in the spirit it was intended.  Without you guys, I would never have won Best Sportsman.  Aaron deserves a specific mention for his fantastically-painted Dark Elf army that not only looked amazing but was as hard as nails.  After playing against his army, I'm even more determined to get my Warriors painted in time for a rematch.

I definitely feel this guy's pain...
Big props to Damian Paygill from the Darling Downs Gamers Club for carrying the day.  When the Zombie Apocalypse does come, I have no doubt your new blade will serve you well.  With the tournament done and dusted, I'm now free to diversify my painting focus, returning once more to my beloved Salamanders in an attempt to get them set for 6th Edition.  That said, I'm determined to ensure that progress is still being made on my Warriors army as well, so expect to see updates for both armies being posted in the near future.

Catch you all later