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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WoC Update - Ridden Hard and put away wet

So it turns out that the Centaur idea I was toying around with the other week has taken on a life of it's own, resulting in a pair of the humanoid-quadrupeds being assembled.  Hopefully this will add to the fluff surrounding the unit, acting as scouts and messengers for the huntsmen, whilst also working to flush out the bigger critters so that Bessie can do his thing.  In gameplay terms, these models will act as mini-fillers, taking the place of two individual warriors each.  The creation of a viable (some might say breeding) pair of mini-fillers will mirror the effect I've attempted to produce in my other units of chaos warriors.  Of all my conversion projects, this one has to be the most complicated that I've ever attempted.  The real skill of course, is making it look good...

WoC Update - Touched (inappropriately) by Nurgle

With the imminent demise of 8th Edition (and the Old World, but we don't like to talk about that one...), my local gaming group has decided to hold a Farewell Tournament for 8th Edition in May.  As soon as I heard about the tourney I had two choices - take a fully painted Tzeentch list or try out an army list that is totally different and would have absolutely no chance I getting painted in time.  Guess which route I took?  As a result, I've taken the opportunity to put some paint on my Nurgle units to see if I can't make at least some progress on what has turned out to be a stalled army project.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Salamander Update: Legion Praetor Deployed

 When I first started playing Heresy-Era games, it quickly became apparent to me just how awesome the Legion Praetors were; particularly for the 18th Legion.  Clad in Artificer Armour and with access to some of the more esoteric entries in the Legio Armoury, they could be tailored to do any duty you required – from the basic linesman to the full-blown juggernought.  With the right combination of gear, there is little that a Praetor fears on the battlefield (and that’s before you even begin looking at the ‘Rites of War’ they offer).