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Friday, June 10, 2016

BMG Update – Are you Ready to Rumble???

With our second BMG League continuing apace, I decided it was prime time to organise and host a Batman Tournament at the end of June.  With just over a month until the big day, getting everything organised ahead of time would be paramount to its success.  Without wanting to throw myself in the deep end right off the bat (heh! punny...), I decided that this event was going to be a one-day affair with three games being run before crowning a winner.  To be fair, I was quite inspired by another gaming groups tournament format and used it as a framework for mine (which is code for ‘I loved what I saw so I changed some details and stole the rest for my own event.  Speaking of which, the Player’s Pack for my event can be found here).  Looking over their own players pack, it’s pretty clear that the crew over at LvL Up in Bournemouth have got some stellar ideas and if I had the opportunity I’d take in one of their events in a heartbeat.  Check them out if you get the chance; our hobby is strongest when we’re all looking out for one another after all.

First thing on my shit-list – figure out just how many tables I have to play with (or on as the case may be).  While I had my newly minted gaming table and a second one sitting on my work bench, I will need at least another 4 to cover what I think would be a decent showing.  We have about 6 players in our local area and assuming we get some interest from other players in the wider SE Queensland area, then we’d most likely end up using all of them.  Hitting up the other BMG players in the local area, I was able to source two more privately owned tables and was told that at least 2 other club tables that were in the process of being painted up for Batman.  No doubt these tables will have increased utility in the future for other games such as Pulp City and Marvel as well.  With all my tables sourced, the first element of my to-do list was covered. 

Now that we had the tables, we needed the terrain to fill them.  Thankfully my terrain collection has grown to the point that I have enough to kit out both of my tables, while the other two local players had enough to fill at least another 2 apiece.  With other local players and one of the players travelling in all offering me the use of their terrain I was more than confident that we’d have enough to make each of the tables amazing.  I'm still considering doing up a Lian Yu island table, but I'll just have to wait and see about that one. 

Finally, the last thing I needed to organise was the prizes.  Considering it is a Batman Tournament after all, my first port of call was Knight Models to order one of their Tournament prize packs.  After being informed that such an order had to go through an actual stockist, I hit up the good people over at The Combat Company who were able to order one for me.  As I write this, the package is making its way in my general direction at the speed of a greased weasel.  I also reached out to the amazing people over at Knights of Dice to see if they could recommend some kits that might do well as tournament prize.  Turns out they were willing to do more than that and as a result of discussions with their staff; Rumble in Gotham is now officially sponsored by Knights of Dice.  This is first tabletop tournament I've personally run on behalf of the club and to have a business like Knights of Dice offer so much assistance has boosted my excitement levels for this event over 9000.

With the prizes squared away, I've transitioned into the focussing on the business side of the tournament prep – making sure all the terrain for the event is built, painted and ready to go.  For me, that means I'll be focussing on the following -
  • Getting the second table built, painted, weathered and sealed 
  • Getting all the terrain built and painted.
  • Getting my chosen army painted and sealed. 
  • Making sure all my urban furniture has been purchased and painted.

Looks like I've got some work to do...

Catch you all later,



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