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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Batman Update: A League of our own

Stolen from

With the local enthusiasm for Batman at an all time high, I wanted to organise an event for the local gamers to encourage them to get involved and immerse themselves in the hobby.  The aim of this was two-fold – to encourage those sitting on the fence to jump in and have a go and to assist those participating in the event to build their armies and learn how to play the game.  The question remained however, what was the best way to help everyone get involved?  The answer was simple – organise an escalation league for the local club.  League are one of those wonderfully engaging events that combine the best part of all the aspects of the hobby and smashes them together to create something truly magical.  Unfortunately Knight Models does not currently possess a readily available league pack so I needed to make my own (roughly translated: I stole a bunch of ideas much more creative than I and moulded them to fit the BMG system. 

Previous experience has come from participating in a slow-grow league promoted by Privateer Press so they were my first port of call for info.  They produce a number of well-rounded public events so their slow-grow league was naturally cannibalised to create a base for my own.  I will admit, the process doesn’t so much resemble cannibalisation, rather it’s more akin to a spot of cloning with selective genetic manipulation to produce a specimen more suited to the environment.  Borrowing another idea found in an Infinity Escalation league I also included a list of achievements for players to tick off as they go to add a sense of progressive success between ranks.  As with all good leagues, players will be competing for prizes.  In this case, achievements will be recognised in the form of Batman-related patches. 

Most Games Won

Centre Patch for Rank 1

Most Hobby Points

Most Points Overall

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a really good event.  With at least 4 people committed to participating in the league, it should be a great boost for our club’s participation rates and will hopefully inspire players to expand their horizons to find new hobby opportunities. 

Catch you all later,


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