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Friday, July 24, 2015

Batman Update - Joining the League

Once the past week I've been determined to build all the models I have for my League of Shadows gang so I can start playing some practice games in against the upstart Joker Gang being run by Nathan.  With the almost limitless opportunity for narrative play, I have no doubt that these early games will be the beginning of a long-running campaign for control of Gotham's seedy underbelly.  With that in mind, the more resources I have at my disposal, the likelier it is that the League will be able to establish a beach-head / power-base.

Leadership in a gang is important and who would be more equipped to lead this gang than Liam Neeson himself?  Assisting Ra's Al Ghul in his quest will be his daughters Nyssa and Talia as well as Bane - impressive characters in their own rights who will no doubt prove effective on the tabletop (or not as the case may be...).

Assisting their noble leaders, these ninjas will provide support from the shadow's, up close and at a distance depending on their load-outs.  With mobility and offensive potential on their side, coordinated strikes will be the key to victory.

League of Shadows assemble!!

Catch you all later,


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